Institute for Communication Systems


ICOM congratulates Silvio Marti

The ICOM congratulates Silvio Marti on the successful defense and demonstration of his master thesis! He developed a fully functional UWB indoor localization system for drone airshows in collaboration with industry partner Hannes Diethelm. His system is capable of localizing up to 30 drones, providing over 100 positions per second, and achieving a localization uncertainty equivalent to the size of an apple! With this work, Silvio has demonstrated outstanding mastery in several areas, including antenna design, wireless communications, RF design, and embedded systems engineering. We wish him all the best for the future!

Demo run of the drone show, guided by Silvio Marti's localization system.

Silvio Marti presents his master thesis for prospective students.

Industrial partner Hannes Diethelm talks about the successful collaboration.

Silvio Marti demonstrates the additional "Starwars-like" follow-me feature that allows the drone to follow another localized tag in real time.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Mathis tries out the follow-me feature.