Institute for Communication Systems


Antenna Technology: Development, Simulation, Measurements & Optimization

Antenna technology has a long tradition at ICOM. In various industrial projects customer specific antennas have been developed, simulated (ANSYS HFSS, CST, AWR Microwave Office) and optimized for specific applications. A special highlight is also our anechoic antenna chamber, for antenna measurements as well as testing and verification of communication systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is one of the focus areas of the ICOM. It has experience in a wide range of applications, including the automatic analysis of ECG signals or the detection of the hand and fingers in 3D space for virtual reality applications. The HSR has multiple AI supercomputers, including the only NVIDIA DGX-2 at a Swiss university of applied sciences, and one of the first NVIDIA DGX-1 in Switzerland.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

With the young entrepreneur VRM Switzerland from Schaffhausen, ICOM has developed a unique flight simulator for training future pilots. It has since been demonstrated in various events (German):
Vom Simulator in ein echtes Flugzeug, in nur 2 Wochen! (1/3)
Ist Martina bereit für das echte Flugzeug? Das Training (2/3)
Martina fliegt! Im echten Flugzeug (3/3)

Control of Multivariate Systems

In order to control a complex system, the state of the system needs be measured or estimated sufficiently accurate. To this end, it is often helpful to acquire data using different sensor systems and jointly process them. It is of advantage to design control algorithms of multivariate systems in one go, e.g., using H2- or H methods.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI)

The ICOM has a wide range of possibilities to investigate signals and networks via measurements: for vector network analysis we are equipped up to 20 GHz, for spectral analysis up to 30 GHz. Moreover, we also support and advise developments in the areas of signal integrity, power integrity and EMC compliance with our antennas and measurement equipment as well as our expertise.

Embedded Computer Vision

In the past years , CMOS cameras have become much cheaper. At the same time, processors have become more powerful and both smaller and cheaper. This combination allows for powerful computer vision systems in applications such as household appliances or for the IOT/IIOT. The ICOM has significant experience in designing low-cost embedded computer vision systems for a wide range of applications.

Embedded Software Engineering

The computing power of typical embedded system platforms has increased enormously in recent years. As a result, embedded design is becoming increasingly more demanding. ICOM has profound experience in the design and implementation of real-time capable embedded systems (hardware and software). The target platforms are often ARM platforms as well as DSPs and FPGAs. Our focus is on highly efficient software development in C++ and C, without operating systems (bare metal), with RTOS or with embedded Linux. GUIs are developed using Qt. Last but not least, for IoT services, the required high standards of embedded security are at our disposal, as well.

Navigation Systems

The ICOM has repeatedly participated in major European projects on the subject of "Modern algorithms for satellite-based navigation systems". GPS modules co-developed at ICOM are widely used in automotive navigation and customer-specific autopilots. In addition, the institute has developed its own GPS trackers and loggers, which can be used to track sports events in real-time on the Internet.

Wireless Communication System and Energy Harvesting

The Institute of Communication Systems ICOM develops hardware and software for all types of wireless communication systems, including 2G-5G, ISM, BT-LE, RFID, RADAR, etc. An additional speciality of the institute are energy harvesting systems.
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Wireless Power and/or Data Transmission, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT), NFC/RFID

ICOM has over 20 years of experience in the field of RFID and Near-Field Communications (NFC). Closely related to that, we have also been active in the field of wireless power transmission for more than 10 years. Also in these areas, suitable simulation (especially ANSYS Maxwell/HFSS) can be consulted for system design.

Wireless Research Vehicle

ICOM has its own (electrical) measurement vehicle for mobile measurement of radio coverage and other application-dependent customer needs. In addition, mobile speed tests with the cnlab are carried out with this vehicle.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks are becoming increasingly important in connection with IoT and automation. In the field of wireless sensor networks, ICOM has worked on several projects. The ICOM can therefore draw on a broad knowledge of various standards and protocols, such as Bluetooth, LoRaWan or even Cellular-IoT. The ICOM has a high level of competence in the evaluation and design of wireless sensor networks and can also develop them to production stage.