Institute for Communication Systems


The ICOM is interested in working together with industrial partners in innovative projects.

Your benefit from working with a university institute

  • Our main expertise is in the area of applied research and development. As a public research facility we offer you both independence and professionalism.

The form of our cooperation is up to you

  • The Institute for Communication Systems is available to industry as a partner in longer-term research and development projects. We can also carry out shorter-term tests, analyses and studies according to clients’ specifications and in a highly professional manner. A further option is the rental of our measurement facilities or commissioning of radio frequency measurements by our laboratory.

A link between university and industry

  • Whenever possible, we identify specialist areas within larger projects that can be executed within the scope of term papers or diploma theses. This means that students work on interesting and practice-oriented tasks, while you as our project partner profit from considerable reductions in project costs with no loss of professionalism, continuity or flexibility.

Innovation at a reasonable price

  • In Switzerland cooperation between industries and universities on innovative projects is subsidized. Government-sponsored research funds cover the university’s costs. As an accredited research institute we are in a position to receive such subsidies, so that your research or development project profits in two ways: firstly the external financing halves your project costs, and secondly you benefit from the expertise, experience and potential of an established university laboratory.